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The #1 Killer is Silent


More than 50% of people who will suffer a heart attack – the most common cause of death in both men and women – will do so without experiencing any symptoms.1


70% of heart attack victims are considered low risk by traditional clinical scoring.2


75% of lesions that are responsible for heart attacks cause only mild narrowing of the arteries and are missed by conventional stress testing.3

We've spent more than a decade performing some of the largest clinical trials to identify the most important indicators beyond symptoms that increase a person’s risk of heart attacks.

Source: 1. Benjamin EJ et al. Circulation 2019; 2. Akosah KO et al. J Am Coll Cardiol 2003; 3.Chang HJ et al. J Am Coll Cardiol 2018


Seeing More of What Matters

Cleerly goes beyond traditional measures of heart disease by performing a comprehensive assessment of each coronary artery and branch. Our AI-enabled evaluation of Coronary CT Angiography identifies, characterizes, and quantifies plaque buildup to support physicians in determining a patient's risk of a heart attack and developing a treatment plan to improve heart health.


Precision Health

Cleerly’s technology quantifies and characterizes coronary artery disease (CAD) to help tailor therapies to a patient’s actual disease instead of indirect measures, such as surrogates, symptoms and sequelae of disease as has been done historically.




Built for Physicians and Patients

Cleerly’s offerings also include innovative digital and print tools that transform complex imaging data into actionable clinical insights for clinicians and their patients.



We see Cleerly as the future of how coronary artery disease will be evaluated, and we support the company’s mission to tailor a personalized approach to diagnosis, management and treatment, and to validate all of this with world-class clinical evidence of utility and cost-effectiveness.
Justin Klein, MD, JD
Managing Partner at Vensana Capital
With these digital health partnerships and through our end-to-end care approach, we see significant opportunity to accelerate innovation in cardiovascular disease while improving patient experience, reducing costs and improving outcomes.
Tom Richards
Global lead, strategy and business development at Cigna
Valley Health System’s partnership with Cleerly truly embodies The Valley Heart and Vascular Institute’s “Heart Care Like No Other” motto. Cleerly has revolutionized our clinical ability to accurately diagnose and quantify coronary artery disease. With access to Cleerly’s artificial intelligence applied to high quality coronary CTs performed at Valley, we now routinely provide coronary artery phenotyping with detailed plaque characteristics and stenosis. It gives providers high quality diagnostic information for the right care at the right time and may be transformative in preventing heart attacks.
Himanshu Gupta
MD, Director, Cardiac Imaging

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