Aiming for a New Standard in Coronary Artery Disease

To address the world’s greatest public health epidemic.

The #1 Killer is Silent

More than 50% of people who will suffer a heart attack – the most common cause of death in both men and women – will do so without experiencing any symptoms. Our team at Cleerly has spent more than a decade performing some of the largest clinical trials to identify important findings beyond symptoms that increase a person’s risk of heart attacks.

Seeing More of What Matters

Cleerly Coronary goes beyond traditional measures of heart disease by enabling comprehensive quantification and characterization of plaque buildup in each of the heart arteries. The findings from Cleerly Coronary support the identification of plaques that may cause heart attacks.

Applying Artificial Intelligence to Your Heart

Identification of the features of plaques that may cause heart attacks has been very difficult using traditional methods. Cleerly Coronary’s non-invasive, AI-driven approach supports the understanding of plaques using FDA-cleared technologies.

Designed for Each Stakeholder in the Care Pathway

The goal of Cleerly Coronary is to serve as a central component of an image-based care paradigm that improves understanding and education of heart disease, and supports each of the stakeholders in the care pathway, including imaging physicians, clinicians and patients.

For the Imaging Physician
Cleerly Coronary facilitates image analysis of up to a billion pixels per patient study to enhance deep understanding of the coronary arteries, with generation of clinically useful reports.
For the Clinician
Cleerly Coronary extracts, curates and integrates imaging data to support clinical diagnosis, prognostication and actionable decision making.
For the Patient
Cleerly Coronary offers unique patient-facing tools that aim to improve health literacy and understanding of heart disease and its prevention.
For Everyone
By helping to provide each stakeholder the information they need, Cleerly Coronary’s comprehensive evaluation of coronary artery disease aims to drastically improve the identification of at-risk patients for early treatment and prevention of heart attacks in a cost-effective manner.

Our Mission

To create a new standard of care for coronary artery disease that can help prevent the millions of heart attacks that occur worldwide every year.

The Most Important Test Your Patient May Ever Have.

Cleerly Coronary’s advanced analysis augments traditional measures of heart health evaluation to identify disease early, when heart attacks can be prevented. 

Protect your heart. Get checked today.

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