More than 50% of people who will suffer a heart attack – the most common cause of death in both men and women – will do so without experiencing any symptoms.1


70% of heart attack victims are considered low risk by traditional clinical scoring.2


75% of lesions that are responsible for heart attacks cause only mild narrowing of the arteries and are missed by conventional stress testing.3

A New Standard for Cardiovascular Care

Cleerly is a digital healthcare company transforming the way clinicians approach the treatment of heart disease. Our clinically-proven, AI-based digital care platform works with coronary computed tomography angiography (CCTA) imaging to help clinicians precisely identify and define atherosclerosis earlier, so they can provide personalized, life-saving treatment plans for all patients throughout their care continuum.

We measure atherosclerosis - plaque build-up in the heart's arteries - not indirect markers such as risk factors and symptoms of disease. Our AI-enabled digital care pathway offers simpler, faster, more accurate heart disease evaluation and reporting that's tailored to each stakeholder, improving overall clinical and financial outcomes.

For years I sought a method to quantify the density of every pixel in a coronary angiogram. When Jim Min showed me Cleerly, I was amazed. I thought, ‘This is what I’ve been looking for.’ I started using it in my patients, and it totally fulfilled the initial promise.
Dr. Arthur Agatston, MD, FACC
Chief Executive Officer, The Agatston Center
The Cleerly method for looking at a CTA provides more information than almost any other CTAs. We're able to look at different aspects of the vessel that would change the way we treat it. I think this makes Cleerly’s product a potential game-changer.
Dr. Morton J. Kern, , MD, MSCAI, FACC, FAHA
Professor of Medicine, University of California at Irvine
TRANSFORM and TRANSCEND are talking about changing the entire paradigm of how we think about cardiovascular prevention. It's not about risk factors. It's about detecting disease and treating disease, and treating disease in a staged way the same way we would for cancer.
Marc Bonaca, MD, MPH
Executive Director, CPC Clinical Research

Built for Physicians & Patients

Cleerly's digital cardiovascular care management program includes innovative digital and print tools that transform complex imaging data into actionable clinical insights for clinicians and their patients.
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Precision Heart Health

Cleerly empowers providers to go beyond traditional measures of heart disease by analyzing, characterizing, and quantifying types of plaque, so they can more accurately determine a patient's risk of heart attack and develop a treatment plan to improve heart health - no matter where they are on the heart disease continuum.

Cleerly's Technology

Digital Health Awards - Best in Class Winner AI Breakthrough Award – Best Overall AI Solution Digital Health 100 Winner Rock Health Top 50 in Digital Health Fierce Biotech - Fierce 15 Winner Digital Health 150 Winner

Dr Arthur Agatston speaks about his Hope for a New Era in Cardiac Care

Watch why Dr Arthur Agatston, inventor of the Coronary Calcium Score (CACS), has integrated Cleerly's CCTA analysis into his concierge medicine practice and calls it his "dream technology."

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