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End-to-end artificial intelligence applied to non-invasive CT scans of the heart arteries, Cleerly® ISCHEMIA™ is a first-of-its-kind, FDA-cleared heart disease evaluation device that integrates novel heart disease features to determine likelihood of coronary artery ischemia in a manner that advances a new paradigm of personalized care.


Diagnostic Certainty.

Large-scale clinical trials have shown Cleerly ISCHEMIA had higher diagnostic accuracy over historical non-invasive tests, including nuclear stress testing and FFRCT.1-2


Prognostic Precision.

Compared to nuclear stress testing and FFRCT, Cleerly ISCHEMIA is more effective at identifying individuals at risk for future cardiovascular events.1-4


Informed Decision Making.

When used in conjunction with Cleerly LABS, Cleerly ISCHEMIA findings impact and change physician decision making in nearly 60% patients.5


Personalized Assessment.

By applying advanced AI to novel measurements of heart disease, Cleerly ISCHEMIA enables a modern approach to personalized heart disease assessment that doesn’t rely upon population-based assumptions.


Clinical Validation

We tested and validated the Cleerly ISCHEMIA device in the largest clinical trial to date.
And then it validated again. And again. And again.

Cleerly ISCHEMIA’s ability to determine a likely invasive FFR was validated through multiple clinical trials with invasive FFR as the gold standard. Cleerly ISCHEMIA performed consistently well across all studies, having either outperformed or equivalent to other noninvasive measures of ischemia — specifically FFRCT, myocardial perfusion imaging (SPECT), and PET.1-4

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Main clinical validation study


In the prospective, multicenter CREDENCE trial, Cleerly ISCHEMIA demonstrated higher diagnostic accuracy and area under the curve compared to FFRCT and stress testing, as referenced to 868 invasive measurements by fractional flow reserve (FFR), the ‘gold standard’ for determining ischemia.1

Cleerly ISCHEMIA - Clinical Validation, CREDENCE trial

External validation study #1


In a post-hoc analysis of the PACIFIC study, Cleerly ISCHEMIA was compared to FFRCT, 15O-H2O PET and SPECT to predict invasive FFR≤0.8 as reference standard. On a per-patient basis Cleerly ISCHEMIA (AUC 0.91), FFRCT (AUC 0.90) and PET (AUC 0.88) performed similarly, outperforming SPECT (AUC 0.71) in predicting ischemia.2

Cleerly ISCHEMIA - Clinical Validation, PACIFIC trial, AUC and accuracy

Cleerly ISCHEMIA - Clinical Validation, PACIFIC trial, ROC

"The Cleerly method for looking at the CTA provides more information than almost any of the other CTAs do. And with that, we're able to look at different aspects of the vessel that would change the way we would treat it. And I think this makes the Cleerly product a potential game changer."

Morton J. Kern, MD, MSCAI, FACC, FAHA
Interventional Cardiologist Professor of Medicine, University of California, Irvine

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How Cleerly ISCHEMIA Works

A Cleerly ISCHEMIA Index (CII) is provided for all analyzable coronary vessels as a part of the Cleerly analysis. The CII is a binary indication of ischemia either being unlikely present or likely present based on the threshold equivalent to invasive fractional flow reserve (FFR) measures of >0.80 vs. ≤0.80, respectively. The Cleerly ISCHEMIA binary output is consistent with that used in professional societal practice guidelines, including the ACC/AHA Chest Pain Guidelines.6

Through integrating coronary atherosclerosis and vascular morphology characteristics into a single physiologic measure that identifies likely coronary ischemia, the Cleerly ISCHEMIA analysis provides actionable information to the physician to assess a patient's heart health.1-4


Clinical Workflow




Applying the Category I CPT® Code 75580 to Cleerly ISCHEMIA

Category 1 CPT® Code 75580: “Noninvasive estimate of coronary fractional flow reserve derived from augmentative software analysis of the data set from a coronary computed tomography angiography, with interpretation and report by a physician or other qualified healthcare professional.”

With any new CPT® Code, there is a need to understand how to apply it to FDA-cleared and commercially available technologies. In this regard, the determination of whether a CPT® code applies to a given technology or service is based solely on the CPT® Code description, and not on the clinical vignettes that describe the technology or service.

Cleerly ISCHEMIA is available by prescription only.


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Cleerly® ISCHEMIA™ analysis software is an automated machine learning-based decision support tool, indicated as a diagnostic aid for patients undergoing CT analysis using Cleerly® LABS™ software. When utilized by an interpreting healthcare provider, this software tool provides information that may be useful in detecting likely ischemia associated with coronary artery disease. Patient management decisions should not be made solely on the results of the Cleerly ISCHEMIA analysis. Rx Only.