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Current Care is Failing to
Solve the Problem

Sudden coronary death due to fatal heart attacks has remained the #1 cause of mortality and morbidity in the world for the last 50 years, with an individual dying from cardiovascular disease every 1.7 seconds.

In the past, we have focused on surrogates of disease (like cholesterol), symptoms of disease (like chest pain or shortness of breath), or sequelae of disease (like ischemia or stenosis). Yet the majority of coronary lesions that cause heart attack are unpredictably related to surrogates, are silent, and do not cause ischemia or stenosis. It’s time to measure actual disease, not indirect markers of disease.





It's time for change.
Let's measure disease, not surrogates.

The primary disease that causes heart attacks is atherosclerosis (plaque) that builds up in the walls of the heart arteries.


Phenotyping: it's the characterization of disease that matters most.

Cleerly technology characterizes and quantifies atherosclerotic plaque in the arteries, letting you know not only how much is there but what type of plaque is present. Plaque type has been shown to be the strongest discriminant of future heart attack risk, and perhaps the greatest indicator of your patient's likelihood of an impending cardiac event.

Stabilizing high-risk plaques has been achieved with lifestyle changes and medical therapy through the transformation of non-calcified fatty plaques to calcified stable plaques.

Transformation of non-calcified high-risk plaques to calcified low-risk plaques has been shown to be associated with reduced rates of major adverse cardiovascular events.



Emulating the world's most successful care paradigms.

Why do we use advanced imaging to prevent the most common causes of cancer, but not the most common cause of death? Like care paradigms in cancer prevention, Cleerly can help achieve more personalized and precise care with better outcomes for all patients at risk of heart attacks.


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