Cleerly for Individuals

The most important test you may ever have.

Every 1.7 seconds,
a person dies from cardiovascular disease.

Over 50% of individuals who die or suffer from a heart attack experience no symptoms before the event. What if they had known their individual risk ahead of time? Lives would be saved and changed.

Imagine a world where there are no sudden deaths from heart attacks because people have warnings, a chance to change their course, and a chance at a healthy life.

That's our vision — a world without heart attacks.

Our Approach




A New Paradigm

For over 50 years, cardiology has really been “sickcare,” with a focus on symptoms of heart disease rather than the disease itself, atherosclerosis. Over 10 years of clinical trial data have revealed that it's the type of atherosclerotic plaque buildup that matters most. Instead of waiting for reduced blood flow or blockages, it's time to get ahead of the problem, evaluate the underlying disease, and treat it with precision.


A New Approach

Cleerly's analysis delivers a comprehensive assessment of each of your coronary arteries and branches. Cleerly identifies, characterizes, and quantifies plaques with precision to support your physician in determining your risk of heart attack and guiding your treatment plan to maintain heart health.






A New Understanding

  • Do you know whether you have heart disease and if so, how much and what type of disease do you have?
  • Do you know your personal risk of heart attack?
  • Do you know whether your treatment plan has stopped the progression of heart disease?

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