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Dicardiology: Cleerly Takes Precision Heart Care to the Next Level

Cleerly 2.2.0 includes UX updates and three high-value tools to better evaluate heart disease. Read on to see more from the article by Dicardiology.

February 15, 2022 — Cleerly, the company creating a new standard of care for heart disease, announced its latest product release, Cleerly 2.2.0, that includes user experience (UX) refinements and three new high-value tools. These updates come in the midst of American Heart Month and allow Cleerly technology to enter into the clinical workflows of health systems and providers across the U.S., drive new efficiencies, and deliver new insights to customers.

"At Cleerly, we are constantly improving our technology to better identify people with heart disease," said James K. Min, MD FACC, founder and CEO of Cleerly. "Cleerly 2.2.0 includes a variety of advancements that will help physicians better evaluate and understand the plaque in patients' hearts to prevent adverse cardiac events."

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About Cleerly

Cleerly is the company creating a new standard of care for heart disease. Through value-based precision diagnostic solutions driven by machine intelligence, Cleerly enables comprehensive phenotyping of coronary artery disease, as determined from advanced non-invasive CT imaging. Led by a world-class clinical and technical team, Cleerly enhances health literacy for each and every stakeholder in the coronary care pathway. For more information, please visit: https://www.cleerlyhealth.com.

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