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Cleerly named Fierce Medtech's 2021 Fierce 15

In one way or another, the Fierce 15 has always been about celebrating those who are finding new ways of doing things, whether it’s innovators creating novel treatments for patients in need or developers wielding the latest technologies to reinvent standard healthcare practices.

By Conor Hale, Andrea Park, Heather Landi, Rebecca Torrence, Kyle LaHucik, Max Bayer

But after the first two years of the COVID-19 pandemic forced every player in the medtech industry to try their hands at something new—be it working remotely, dealing with supply chain snafus or even pivoting their entire business model to take on the coronavirus, like some members of 2020's Fierce 15—how do you decide where to shine the spotlight?

This year’s class of 15 companies—our 10th annual selection—stand out from the pack because they are working to build new ways to approach the day to day: through providing remote diagnostics, in-home healthcare or ways for researchers to work and collaborate virtually. Their offerings include lifesaving devices you can hold in your hand as well as massive, intangible networks of data sculpted to help answer the future’s pressing questions, from the personal to the professional. Read full article HERE.

Cleerly's AI scans comparable to gold-standard angiography

Only a few months after it emerged from stealth and burst onto the medtech scene, Cleerly is already living up to its name.

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Cleerly Takes Precision Heart Care to the Next Level | Dicardiology

Cleerly 2.2.0 includes UX updates and three high-value tools to better evaluate heart disease. 

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Cleerly’s Technology | An Important Impact On Our Overall Wellness

Health Tech: Dr James Min On How Cleerly’s Technology Can Make An Important Impact On Our Overall Wellness

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