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Interview: Debunking Standard Approach to Monitoring Heart Disease

Read on to learn more about a recent Health Professional Radio interview, featuring Dr. James “Jim” K. Min.

Interview by Health Professional Radio

In this episode, of Health Professional Radio, Dr. James “Jim” K. Min, CEO of  Cleerly Health, a company whose mission is to up level the standard approaches to monitoring heart disease that have been used for decades, discusses its advanced non-invasive CT imaging. The advanced imaging allows physicians to monitor and characterize atherosclerosis (plaque) buildup, the primary disease that  causes heart attacks, to accurately determine a patient’s risk of a heart attack. 

Dr. Min shares how this approach is more effective and efficient compared to historical manual tests, how  it is  helping patients identify their cardiovascular diseases and develop a treatment plan and how the healthcare system needs to use advanced imaging to prevent heart disease, similar to how it’s done in cancer care.   

Listen to the full interview HERE.

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