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Heartbeat Health is a virtual-first cardiology solution that connects patients with providers for proactive heart care. Heartbeat Health expands access to our AI-enabled CCTA technology, now available to patients across the United States.

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Why Heart Health Matters

Every 1.7 seconds, a person dies from cardiovascular disease. Over 50% of people who die or suffer a heart attack experience no symptoms before their event.

What if you could know your risk ahead of time?

Cleerly makes early detection of heart disease risk possible and gives you the insights you need to make better choices for your heart health. Our analysis helps guide physicians towards creating a more personalized treatment plan and gives them the ability to track your health over time.



icon - virtual heart care

Access to high-quality virtual heart care

icon - telehealth consultation with a cardiologist

Virtual telehealth consultation with a cardiologist

icon - early heart disease detection

Early detection of heart disease risk

icon - ai heart analysis

AI-powered analysis of your heart health

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Virtual review of results with cardiologist


Watch Terry Schemmel’s story

Life-threatening blockage

Cleerly helped identify a potentially life-threatening blockage and guide clinical treatment to prevent a heart attack.


If you are considered eligible, here's what happens next with Cleerly + Heartbeat Health.

Cleerly + Heartbeat Health - Step 1

Step 1:

Cleerly reaches out via telephone to answer any questions you may have and review the overall process.

Cleerly + Heartbeat Health - Step 2

Step 2:

Heartbeat Health reaches out via email to confirm your details and schedule an initial virtual consultation with a cardiologist. Payment for Heartbeat Health consultations will be collected prior to scheduling.

Cleerly + Heartbeat Health - Step 3

Step 3:

Virtually meet with a Heartbeat Health cardiologist to go over your medical history. If you are determined eligible, the provider will order a CCTA scan and a Cleerly analysis. Temporary beta-blockers may be prescribed for the imaging, and lab work ordered if medically necessary.

Cleerly + Heartbeat Health - Step 4

Step 4:

A Cleerly Patient Coordinator will reach out to you to collect payment for the Cleerly analysis. After submitting payment, we will help facilitate the scheduling of your CCTA appointment.

Cleerly + Heartbeat Health - Step 5

Step 5:

Go to the imaging center for your CCTA, where you will pay for the CCTA and get the scan. 

Cleerly + Heartbeat Health - Step 6

Step 6:

Cleerly receives the CCTA from the imaging center and performs an analysis. Cleerly sends the results to your Heartbeat Health cardiologist.

Cleerly + Heartbeat Health - Step 7

Step 7:

Heartbeat Health will contact you via email to schedule a virtual appointment to review results. 

Cleerly + Heartbeat Health - Step 8

Step 8:

Your Heartbeat Health cardiologist reviews Cleerly's results with you and creates a personalized treatment plan as needed.

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