Drive Clinical and Economic Improvements With Cardiology’s New Paradigm

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AI-enabled CCTA care pathway helps avoid unnecessary spending

Health systems face both economic and regulatory pressure to reduce care costs and improve outcomes – and no specialty is immune to this pressure. Unlike current methods, Cleerly’s CCTA analysis powered by artificial intelligence (AI) enables providers to measure, track, and develop personalized heart health care plans based on the root causes of coronary artery disease (CAD). AI-enabled CCTA can help improve patient care, reduce unnecessary and expensive invasive procedures, support a transition to value-based care, and create positive, sustainable experiences for patients and providers.

37% increase
Healthcare labor expenses from pre‑pandemic levels 1


3.8% lower
2021 system operating margins vs. 2019 2

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Precision heart care’s role in supporting
The Business of Healthcare

Read the full report behind the economics of Cleerly’s AI-enabled CCTA analysis and its closed loop care pathway. We’ve detailed the economic stats and benefits, compared clinical utility against current methodology, and explained the significant impact on patient and provider experience.

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Make a meaningful change in care quality and cost

Cleerly’s AI-enabled CCTA digital care pathway provides the personalized approach to cardiovascular care that healthcare has been seeking for decades. Whether you’re looking to improve patient care, avoid unnecessary and expensive invasive procedures, transition to value‑based care or improve physician retention – we’re here to help.

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1 National Hospital Flash Report: January 2022. Kaufman Hall. Jan. 31, 2022.
2 A Special Workforce Edition of the National Hospital Flash Report. Kaufman Hall. May 11, 2022.