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Cleerly CEO Featured on AWS Health Innovation Podcast

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Cleerly CEO James Min, M.D., is a guest on the latest episode of the AWS Health Innovation Podcast hosted by Joe Shonkwiler, M.D.

Joe Shonkwiler, M.D. is a physician and former executive at Adelade now supporting startups and investors with Amazon Web Services. During the AWS Health Innovation Podcast interview, Dr. Min emphasizes Cleerly's mission to imagine a world without heart attacks by identifying patients who are at risk but are missed by surrogate markers like cholesterol. "Why do we use advanced imaging to prevent the most common cause of cancer – but not the most common cause of death?" he says.

Cleerly CEO Outlines Company Mission in Latest Episode of AWS Health Innovation Podcast

The interview also traces the origins of Cleerly from Dr. Min's groundbreaking work at the Weill Cornell Medicine HeartHealth and highlights the Level 1A recommendation for coronary computed tomographic angiography technology (CCTA) in the most recent chest pain guidelines – a far cry from the days when Min and Shonkwiler were in medical school, and CCTA was a mere footnote in the cardiac care conversation.

Dr. Min also discusses how cardiovascular care can serve as a model for sub-specialty value-based care, why cross-functional collaboration is critical to building a company from the ground up, and why academia is like singles tennis but a startup is like hockey.

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