Hope for a New Era
of Cardiac Care

Watch why Dr. Arthur Agatston, inventor of the Coronary Calcium Score (CACS), has integrated Cleerly's CCTA analysis into his concierge medicine practice.
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What Calcium Scoring Can’t Tell You About Coronary Artery Disease Risk

While CACS identifies the presence of calcified plaque, Cleerly's AI-enabled CCTA analysis provides comprehensive visualization of both calcified and non-calcified coronary plaque as well as the severity of stenosis — offering the ability to stage and track heart disease progression using powerful artificial intelligence. AI-enabled CCTA evolves the CACS approach for a new, higher standard of heart care.

Cleerly CCTA Heart Analysis - Identification of low-density non-calcified coronary plaque

Cleerly CCTA Heart Analysis - Comparison tracking of coronary plaque heart disease


AI takes us beyond a score —
and transforms preventive heart care.

"What Cleerly has done is it allows me to know how all these risk factors are interacting in the individual patient so I can tailor my advice and my treatment to that individual patient. And I can also tell that patient that as we treat you, we're gonna have the confidence that we have stopped the disease, that we're doing a good job. With just calcium scanning alone, I wasn't able to do that."

Ready to learn more about how Dr. Agatston is integrating Cleerly into his practice? Watch his on-demand webinar now — Hope for a New Era in Cardiac Care: How AI-Based Cardiac Imaging Complements Calcium Scoring


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