Cleerly for Employers

A unique phenotype-driven program that personalizes heart attack prevention to improve employee health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.

Over 50% of patients experience no symptoms before a heart attack.1 Cleerly provides an image-driven cardiac health assessment that performs deep phenotyping of the heart to help physicians determine an employee's risk for heart attack and sudden death from heart disease.

Source: 1. Benjamin EJ et al. Circulation 2019

Allow Cleerly to help your employees understand their cardiac health and prevent a severe event. We translate imaging science into easy-to-consume clinical insights that improve diagnosis, treatment, and education to enhance an employee’s cardiovascular health.

What Can Cleerly Accomplish for Your Organization?



Employee Benefits

  • Improve health outcomes for employees through prevention of heart attacks and other cardiovascular events
  • Reduce healthcare costs associated with coronary artery disease and its risk factors
  • Employee focused cardiac literacy tools and personalized assessment results



Organizational Benefits

  • Early detection of risk for the #1 killer
  • Optimize medical treatment regimens to improve treatment of chronic conditions
  • Aggregate cost-effectiveness data to effectively inform an organization’s benefits program

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